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Richard Ryu

Image quality inquiry

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Hi, I'm wondering If I add an image to transformManager,

Is there any possible to reduce a quality of an image?


I've tested two cases, the result is interesting for me.


Once I call an image from file browser,


Common Action :

bitmap.smoothing = true;


The size of an image : 600px X 600px (width:height).

Background color : white.


First Case :

Nothing to do with an image, then print the image.

The quality of an image is not bad.


Second Case :

Add a child into transformManager, then just moving an image.

Do not resize then print document as well.

The quality of an image is too bad. (pixelation)


So I'd like to know is there any methode prevent this kinds of thing?


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I am not sure what's causing the problem in your case, but I'm pretty sure it's not related to TransformManager (it doesn't do any kind of strange rendering or bitmap juggling). It sounds more like a general Flash question that you may want to contact Adobe about. It's difficult to troubleshoot blind on our end, so feel free to post a reduced test case FLA here so we can take a peek (please only include the bare essentials to reproduce the issue). 

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