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Matt Hoover

Possible to animate gradientTransform in SVG's?

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I think this should be possible but I can't figure out the syntax.  What I want to do is animate the "gradientTransform" attribute of an SVG. For instance, if I do a static test like this in the SVG itself:


will move the gradient up 200 units. Great. But I want to animate the x,y values with TweenMax.


I've tried this, with the SVG an id of "reveal":

TweenMax.to("#reveal", 1, {  attr: { gradientTransform:"translate(0,-200)" } } )

And many other variations...nothing seems to work. The gradientTransform attribute lives inside of the <linearGradient> node in the SVG...and I can't figure out how to target it.  Any ideas?


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Thanks Diaco...it looks like I had the right syntax, not sure what I was doing wrong, but you've proven it does work. Thanks again.

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