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Help with beginner tweenLite user

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I have been trying to create an image carousel for a website, I found Greensock out of a recommendation because jQuery animations aren't as fluid, I looked at the beginner tutorials from Petr and also followed a tutorial he has on youtube, I have been having problems making the images rotate as shown in my codepen.


Can someone help me please?

See the Pen pyPLvj by alvaro911 (@alvaro911) on CodePen

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Hi Alvaro, great to see you experimenting with GSAP.


Which of my tutorials have you followed?


I've only quickly looked at your code and see a few errors:

function goToTile(sildeIn, slideOut)

// should be slideIn, also you have tl twice in that function
// also I would include var in front of slideIn 

var slideIn = ...

My suspicion is that the way you are passing the slideIn into the goToTile function is returning wrong object on a second click.


Try to console log this and see if it returns the right object all the time:

slideIn = slideOut.parent().children('.view').eq(index);

Sorry I couldn't help more atm, but I hope it steers you into the right direction.

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Hi Alvaro,


Normally I don't consider a good idea to use a timeline class for a carousel/slider. I find much simpler using a Tween class for every slide, but that's just me.


Here's a very simple example of a content slider:


See the Pen CeDkc by rhernando (@rhernando) on CodePen


Also here's a slider crafted by Jonathan using a timeline class:


See the Pen qxsfc?editors=0010 by jonathan (@jonathan) on CodePen

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Thank yo very much I was able to fix the problem, I'm really considering buying the advanced class for greensock, is there a syllabus that I can check?


Once again thank you.

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