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TimelineLite repeat not working

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I am using TimelineLite to animate a banner but I'm not able to do the banner stay in looping.

The animation is working just fine but the restart line doesn't work.

Someone help me please?



300x250 2.zip

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Hi naianamaia,


Welcome to the forums!


I think there is an issue with your zipped file. All that I saw in your main.js file was a single line of code:

TweenLite.from(".fabrica", 400, {left:0px"});

And that line has a typo as well, it is missing the opening quotation mark for the left property (also 400 seconds is a very long time).

TweenLite.from(".fabrica", 400, {left:"0px"});

Have a look at the bellow example: it has a looping timeline, hopefully it will help you.


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