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where can I get ease transition rates. I've searched all over the page and the only thing that comes out is custom ease. Where are the defaults?



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The default ease a Quad.easeOut. You can change the default easily, like:


TweenLite.defaultEase = Strong.easeOut;


(or whatever)

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I've looked at, thanks. I really was going crazy hehe.


another thing I would ask. How do I make a sequence of functions, such

a slideshow, I have 3 pictures that go left or right depending, but only when I click, as I do to pass automatically

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Creating a working slideshow has more to with obtaining the ability to write actionscript, this is not a tween issue. Although, once you have the working base code in place, you can tween the items into view via a TweenLite/Max tween. Also to note, greensock offers a very powerful Timeline Tweening engine, which includes sequencing tweens at various times/positions. Look into TimelineLite and TimelineMax classes for more details.

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