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Tweening to original state before .set()

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Hi guys! Hope you all have a great day.


Is it possible to tween an element to its previous state prior to modifying it through .set() ?


Here's an example scenario:

  1. #div has a background color of black: CSS - #div { background-color: #000 }
  2. Then .set() was used to turn it to white: TweenMax.set('#div', { 'backgroundColor': '#fff' })
  3. I want to tween it back to its original CSS style. (Is there something like TweenMax.to('#div', { revert: 'backgroundColor' })) ? I don't want to tween it to #000 since it has to be dynamic

Thanks guys! Your help is much appreciated!

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Hi xtn  :)


nope , for now there isn't any built-in solution , but i think in your case , the simplest way is one of these :

/// method 1 :

var elem = document.getElementById('blueBox');
// set() step :
var oldBackground = window.getComputedStyle(elem,null)["background-color"] || '' ;

// revert step :


/// method 2 :

var elem = document.getElementById('redBox');
// set() step :

// revert step :

i don't know what's your scenario/code , but you can use this too :

TweenLite.from( elem , 1 , { backgroundColor:'#fff' , paused:true });

and then play that when you want 

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In addition to Diaco's great ideas you can also use a tween to record the starting value for you and then reverse it.

Below i create a super quick tween and force it to completion immediately.

When the user clicks the button the tween gets a longer duration and reverses back to the normal bgcolor


//set green div's bgcolor to white instantly with a quick tween
var bgTween = TweenLite.to(".green", 0.001, {backgroundColor:"white"});

//tween back at longer duration
document.getElementById("btn").onclick = function() {



*note: i started with a super short tween and changed the duration to be longer on the button click just to show that the system is completely flexible. You could have started with a tween with a 1-second duration and as long you are forcing progress(1) it will render instantly on the last frame.

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I'm really digging your solution Carl, really cool solution! :)

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Great solution Carl ! :) , actually i thought about something like your solution , but faced to a little issue ; if you have a tween( tweening same property ) between set and revert steps .


otherwise your solution is certainly better than mine =) .


See the Pen NNRJVB by MAW (@MAW) on CodePen

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