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Create a flip using TweenMax shortRotation?

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I am trying to create a flip using TweenMax shortRotation. Basically, I want to have a box with content on it. And when the user clicks a button it would flip on the Y axis and reveal different content on the "back" of the card. Right now I have it working so the square flips like it should using:


TweenMax.to(box_mc, 1, {shortRotation:{rotationY:180}});


However, I need to setup the content that appears above the box to disappear/appear in a way so that it looks like the box is actually flipping. One way I was thinking of doing this is having a movieclip with the front content within the box_mc and a movieclip with the back content within the box_mc as well. And when the shortRotation animation is half way done it would make the front movieclip invisible and the back movieclip visible.


I was thinking the best way to accomplish this would be to just do this:


TweenMax.to(box_mc, 1, {shortRotation:{rotationY:180}});
TweenMax.delayedCall(.5, switchBox);
function switchBox() {
box_mc.front_mc.visible = false;
box_mc.back_mc.visible = true;


This works pretty good. However, the back_mc ends up being flipped horizontally.


What would be the best way to accomplish flipping something (with content on the "front" and content on the "back") using shortRotation?


Thanks for your help!

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Rotate your back item at the start, then when your item flips at the delay point, your back will flip the correct way.


box_mc.back_mc.rotationY = 360;

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