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DrawSVG onUpdate to get current percentage

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TweenMax.staggerFromTo(counterElement.find('g path'), details.speed, {drawSVG:"0", ease:Sine.easeOut}, {drawSVG:details.percentage+"%", onUpdate: function(){console.log(this)} });

The animation works correctly. The onUpdate is working either.


Now I want to get the current percentage of the drawSVG in the onUpdate.

I looked in the this result object, but can't find any variable with current percentage.


How to achieve this?

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Try this...


You can also get the length if you need to do some calculating

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Thanks OSUblake, I used them both to create a getPercentage.

function getPercentage(element) {
	return Math.floor(DrawSVGPlugin.getPosition(element)[1] / (DrawSVGPlugin.getLength(element) / 100));

Working perfectly. 

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