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Reversing with TimelineMax

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Hey guys,


I am very new to GreenSock and I having some issues. I have a button that when you click, plays the animation. But is there a way to set up the JS that when you click the same button again, it reverses the animation? Thanks!



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Hi Anas7  :),


Welcome to the forums.


You can certainly reverse a timeline on click. I'm not sure how your code is currently set up, but here's a pen showing a menu icon playing and reversing on click:

See the Pen jWWdWb by PointC (@PointC) on CodePen


If you'd like specific answers about your project you can make a CodePen so everyone can see your code in action. This is the best way to get great answers from others. Here's how to make a pen:



Hopefully that helps a bit. 


Happy tweening and welcome aboard. 


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