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animate text not working

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See the Pen MKBLmE by redag555 (@redag555) on CodePen


Trying to animate line 3 (eventually all 3 lines) but can't get it to work - what am I missing?



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Hi and welcome to the GreenSock forums,


Thanks for the demo, it certainly helps. 



Problem 1: You weren't loading SplitText. We have a special CodePen-friendly version that you can use. I added it for you.


Problem 2: You need to target the words you want to animate with: mySplitText.words





For future reference: you can test any of our Club plugins by forking one of these examples: http://codepen.io/collection/qHasJ/ or grabbing the proper script url from the JS panel. Also, you will notice in the demo I gave back to you that I removed everything not related to the problem. It makes it a lot easier for us if the demos are as simple as possible.


Let us know if you need any more help.

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