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George Carlin

3D rotation and z-index problem on IE

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Hello George Carlin, and welcome to the GreenSock forum!


The CSS property transform-style or the GSAP equivalent transformStyle is supported partially in IE10 and IE11. IE10 and IE11 only support transform-style: flat.


But the new Mircosoft Edge supports preserve-3d.


GSAP can only animate or apply styles that are supported by the browser itself. So if you try to apply with GSAP transformStyle: "preserve-3d" in IE10 or IE11.. GSAP will apply it, but that does not mean a browser like IE10 or IE11 would use it since that CSS property value is not supported. In this case only flat is supported, not preserve-3d.


So GSAP can only animate or apply what the browser supports, which is more of a browser limitation in IE, in your case.


What is it you are trying to animate, like what type of effect?



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