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looping a tween

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Hello! Another question!!!


I'm trying to create a looping TweenProxy3D. Is that possible?

The tween works brilliantly but it won't loop!





import com.greensock.*;
import gs.utils.TweenProxy3D;
import flash.geom.*;

var tp:TweenProxy3D = new TweenProxy3D(mc);
tp.registration = new Vector3D(250, 100, 0);
TweenLite.to(tp, 5, {rotationX:360, loop:0});

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"loop" is a TweenMax-only feature in v10. Note that it has changed to "repeat" in v11. If you don't want to use TweenMax, you could use an onComplete in TweenLite that calls a function that does the tween again (and again).

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Thanks again!!!!!! :D

I read the wrong version! Sorry about that! I must remember to refer to the v11 documentation next time! :!:

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