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I wasn't sure where to pop this question so I'll stick with the Tweening category!


I love the SmoothImageLoader! Brilliant! How do I apply a tween when it loads so it fades in, doesn't just appear!



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Did I ask a really dumb question? :shock:

The solution is probably really obvious and now I've made myself look like a bit of an idiot!


I applied a tween to the movieclip holding the image but obviously that didn't work!


Louisa :?

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Nah, not a dumb question. It should be as simple as:


var loader:SmoothImageLoader = new SmoothImageLoader({url:"image.jpg", onComplete:onFinishLoading, maxWidth:200, maxHeight:100});
loader.alpha = 0;
function onFinishLoading():void {
TweenLite.to(loader, 1, {alpha:1});

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