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scrambletext revealDelay ease

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Hello GSAP,


is there any way that i can ease the revealDelay per character in my element?


let's say if i have '39485', characters from the left will reveal faster than the characters on the right.




See the Pen Rrrzqo by anon (@anon) on CodePen

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Hello OSUblake,


Here's what's closer to what i wanted to achieve and i thought ScrambleTextPlugin would've done the job

See the Pen YwqKOM by anon (@anon) on CodePen


I still want the end part of the animation to easeOut and go slower as it nears the target number. 




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I thought the onUpdate updates according to the ease.


0                       1

|          |      |   | ||   (i was expecting this)

||||||||||||||||||||||||||   (when it was really like this)

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It updates on every tick. What you were expecting is what easing does.


You still might want to try and tween each number individually like I did, but without the stagger. Maybe put them in timeline. That way you can increase the time for each individual number, which is what the revealDelay is doing. Then you could tween the timeScale to slow things down.

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i get it now, but still working on the algorithm.


thanks a lot OSUblake

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