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rotationX doesn't fit like rotationY & rotationZ in my 3D cube test

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I'm pretty sure I've got it straight in my head now. :)


I'm glad we had this lengthy discussion though. This question is almost assuredly going to come up again as I see quite a few people trying out 3D cubes and now there will be a nice little reference for those searching the forums for an answer.


Thanks for the clarification Jack. That's why you wear the cape. :)

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That was my first assumption Jack, about it being a order of operation.. and also based on this similar tread you answered :unsure:  


I have seen too many times where CSS transforms, animation and transitions when animated would not be consistent cross browser, especially in IE and Chrome. That was the main reason i stopped using transforms with CSS keyframes, animations, and transitions. After seeing for myself how GSAP animated the same cross browser, and was solid through and through! 


I'm so happy that GSAP was ported over to JS. Thanks for churning that GSAP code butter all these years, making GSAP so smooth



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Yep, you were totally right about the order-of-operation thing, Jonathan. 


Thanks for the kind words about GSAP. I can honestly say that if it weren't for all the guys in this thread (and others like Diaco, Rodrigo, and Carl of course), I'd be able to do much less of that "churning" of the GSAP code butter :) Hopefully you guys don't get sick of me saying "thanks". It's fun to have so many sharp minds offering their perspectives.

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