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Moving from one loader to another

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I have identified the MP3loader I want to move by doing:

var MP3loader:MP3Loader = LoaderMax.getLoader("myLoader");

I tried doing this to remove it from whichever loader it might be in and into the loader I want it to be in: 


But apparently, "parent" is not a property of MP3Loader. How do I get the parent loaderMax of MP3loader, and is that even necessary? Does appending it to targetLoaderMax automatically remove it from the loaderMax it was previously in?

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From what I know, loaders do not have parents.


Appending an MP3Loader to LoaderMax1 and then appending it to LoaderMax2 does not remove it from LoaderMax1 (according to a quick test I did).


You can add any data you want to a Loader so maybe you can track which LoaderMax you are putting it in so you can then remove() it. 


var queue:LoaderMax = new LoaderMax();

var bird = new ImageLoader("images/bird.png", {container:this, alpha:0, x:320, y:200, estimatedBytes:60000, data:{parent:queue}})


trace("bird parent " + bird.vars.data.parent)
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Ah, thanks, I didn't know about the data thing. That should be very useful!

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