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combining tl repeat and addLabel

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I have a simple animation that i would like to repeat multiple times. 


However, I would like to play the whole timeline on the first run, but go back and start from a later position on subsequent runs.

I only want to see the first part of the animation on the first run.


I cannot work out how you would play the timeline, have a repeat and on subsequent runs start at label position.

Any help on this greatly appreciated.


thank you,

Jonny :)

See the Pen MKYqmp by JonnyS (@JonnyS) on CodePen

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Hi Jonny  :)


pls try like this :


var loop=3 , tl = new TimelineLite();

tl.to(greenBox, 2, {x:250})
  .to(redBox, 2, {y: 150, x: 250},'restartPoint')
    if(loop){ tl.play('restartPoint'); loop--; } 
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Hi Diaco,


Sure, this is similar to the way i normally do it, but i really wanted to use the repeat:x in the timeline variable parameter.s

thnaks for the quick reply.

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