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Safari Button Hit Area bug using rotationY, rotationX

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Hi, I've come across a bug (So far only in Safari on Mac) and Im assuming it is with bug safari rather that GSAP but I'm wondering if there is a hack I can use to fix it.


I've used the brilliant tilting script from ihatetomatoes and added some buttons within, but when you rollover the buttons you will notice that some have a very restricted hit area (hover state and click only works when you are rolling over in the middle of the top two buttons, not the full width.


Anyone seen this before?



See the Pen vLYbYN by anon (@anon) on CodePen

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i looked in Safari 9 and the hit areas appeared to be fine. 



i could trigger the hover states by rolling over any part of the white rectangle buttons.

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Interesting, I've tried in a few versions of safari, but they were all earlier than 8 so maybe it is bug in older versions that has been rectified.

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