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Angular Acceleration of Wheel: What is the best GSAP Tool for this?

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Hi, I have a vehicle that starts its motion from stop and I was needing my wheels to match this motion with increase in angular acceleration. I was considering incrementing up the rotation of the wheel to create this angular acceleration at a transformOrign of center, but wanted to get some advice before proceeding. Thanks. John

See the Pen mVdwZg by jstafford (@jstafford) on CodePen

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okay, some weird behaviour on my codepen, but I understand what it is doing but not how to fix it. the Wheels are rotatating clockwise and not according to my tranformOrign at 50% 50%. Sometimes the wheels rotate from center. 

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Never mind. It seems to be due to the change of the view screen on codepen. Figured out my question. Thanks.

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