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Animating realtime watch handles

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Hey all,


I've managed to get a front facing realtime watch working perfectly with GSAP.  (used to to this all with flash)


But now im faced with a new challenge.  


I want to create the same thing but this time the watch handles are at 3D perspective.  


Like this image




Could i just use the same principle, but skew the the hands as they rotate around the centre?  


Any ideas welcome!  






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It kinda depends if you need Internet Explorer support. If not, it should be as easy as putting it in a container (<div>), setting its transform-style CSS property to preserve-3d and then rotate that container in 3D (like TweenLite.set("#container", {rotationX:-20, rotationY:-10})). Unfortunately, Internet Explorer doesn't support transform-style:preserve-3d. 

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