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Change TweenMax ticker speed?

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I am tweening a large, background object containing a high number of transparencies, and it seems to be causing a bit of a performance hit. I am just tweening its scaleX property from 1 to 1.015 and back on a yoyo loop over several seconds, so its a very subtle effect. My Flash is running at 60 fps, but this particular object probably doesn't need to be updated by TweenMax that often since the visual effect is so subtle. Is there a way to change the TweenMax's ticker speed just for this tween, so I can reduce the number of redraws and improve performance?

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The JavaScript version has that capability, but not Flash. You could, however, write extra code so that you're leveraging onUpdate calls that use your own logic to skip making changes every X number of ticks or something, but that's a bit clunky. I wish I had a simple answer for you. 

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Thanks, that idea worked.

var tweenPoint:Point = new Point(1,0); // (scaleX,tick counter)

function updateFunction():void {
  tweenPoint.y += 1;
  if (tweenPoint.y % 2 == 0) myObject.scaleX = tweenPoint.x;
Out of curiosity, is there another way to make TweenMax directly skip an update during onUpdate?
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I'm not sure I understand your question. Could you elaborate? Are you asking what logic you could put into your onUpdate function to skip every X ticks? 

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I was just wondering if there was a TweenMax method that you could call during onUpdate that would tell it not to update for that tick. I didn't see anything in the docs, so I guess not. It's fine though, what I did seems to work well enough.

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Nope, sorry, there isn't such a method. Glad you got it working in a way that will suffice. 

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