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Since I am a nobody in the world-wide-web-world and pretty rubbish at social media, I thought I would come here a post some of my experiments and little animations.


Bellow is a little animation I have made based on an animated gif a friend of mine made of himself - he's an illustrator.


I am quite happy with how it is coming out simply because it is giving me the opportunity to put a lot of things I learn here into practice in a way I would not manage at work. 


It is pretty much there, I am working on the mouth right at this very moment - it will use the MorphSVG plugin.


I also have a few more things I want to add in the future, like different outfits, moves and accessories but I reckon, if I wait until it is done, I will never finish.


Thanks peeps!



yes, I am fishing for comments and views! )

See the Pen pjMLBW by dipscom (@dipscom) on CodePen

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Haha, great work, it all links together so smoothly. Really nice. :)

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Thank you OneManLaptop. I have more I want to do with it but at the moment, my internet is just not playing ball. Been for the past four hours trying to do some shape morphing but not much success. For some reason my broadband provider is just not delivering today. Editing code in an online code editor when your internet is at, what is feels, dial up speed is even worse than no internet at all. At least I would go out and do something else.


I'm giving up for now. Whatever shape it is (it doesn't even load for me at the moment). Tomorrow I am gone on holiday so, hopefully, by the time I am back, the internet has decided to behave.



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Nice job, and thanks for sharing Dipscom. Sorry to hear about the Internet and shape morphing hassles. Hit us up if you have any problems with MorphSVGPlugin. 


Enjoy the holidays!

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  • 3 months later...

Hello people!


I guess I can hijack my own threads and shamelessly plug myself.




Here's a little demo I slapped together after some work done recently:

See the Pen yOgLaP by dipscom (@dipscom) on CodePen


I thought this was a nifty use of SVG and Bitmaps together.


Unfortunately, there was no file weight allowance for the MorphSVG plugin (I'm never sure if we should be using the bonus plugins in banners anyway) so I did some digging and - hat tip to - mr. OSUblake for the rescue! Saving the day with one of his old experiments.



And the accompaning blog post:



I am always picking up neat tricks from the others here so, I think I should be showing off whatever I can come up with. 


And, if you are lurker and think you have something neat to show. Show it. I am sure lots of people would love to see anything everyone has to show.

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Nice work. And yeah, it's fine to use MorphSVGPlugin (or other bonus plugins) in your ads. Just please leave the copyright notice and stuff in there, that's all. And minifying/concatenating it with your other code is a best-practice (makes it tougher for people to rip off). But honestly, if someone wants to steal it they're going to find a way to do it. We want members like you to feel free to use the tools for all your creative expression. We don't want to tie your hands, but I sure appreciate your sensitivity to wanting to protect the plugins. You've got our blessing to put them to good use out there in the wild. :) 

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I love the demo and the blog post. There's something mesmerizing about seeing all 3 animations perfectly synced like that.

Looking at the code its clear you are doing some really clever techniques too!

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Haha! I was wondering why you liked that post I made. I'm like, why would he care about that when you can just use the MorphSVG plugin? But after looking at your code, it is a pretty awesome solution and extremely lightweight. I remember when the only way to do that was use Snap. And great job on the character animation! Who is that?

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Thanks guys. Sometimes I feel I am not active enough here and so try to make some noise from time to time so you don't think I have gone back into the depths of lurking.


@OSUblake - Yeah, I could've used MorphSVG, it was my first idea but as I fleshed things out it felt like it was a "shotgun" approach when I needed a "knife" - It would do the job but would be a bit of an overkill.


The character - as you might have notice - have been completely censored due to copyright but I guess I can name it. It is Vision (from the Avengers, the cartoon version of it). It pains me to admit that in the very last round of approvals the animation was vetoed by the (american) board. So, the final set of ads did not have the neat arm and cape animation.  :'(



@GreenSock - MY EYES!!!! THEY BURN! THEY BURN!!! I feel the light of the CODE-GOD shining in my BOOOOOONES!


Cool, thanks for let me know it's alright to use all plugins. Unfortunately, more often than not I have to build master units that are sent across to other agencies and thus, I have to tone down the complexity of my setups.

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Stupid Americans! I hereby invoke my right as an American to veto their veto. Now go post the uncensored version.

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I really wish I could but I am not going to play with fire, Blake.


Maybe if you close your eyes, you might be able to see it.


One day I will have a portfolio website, then, I shall post the uncensored version (after the campaign goes live). I'll let people know and we can compare the version and shed a collective tear for the wasted opportunity.

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