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Calendar with 12 different timelines/steps. Not sure which way is correct.

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Hello, I've been trying to make this calendar pen that has a different timeline for each month, and the user can click through the months and see the different animations.


At first I tried creating a separate timeline for each month, and calling it from the master timeline, but then I was having problems with tweening between two timelines and being able to reverse.


So I found out that I should rather be using one timeline with 12 markers, and using tweenFromTo to switch between them.


As you can see from my demo I'm not there yet... but I might be pretty close. I know it has to do with me being terrible at "clever" JavaScript but I'm a designer-trying-to-code kinda guy, so be gentle!


Am I close with my code, or is there a much better way that I'm not figuring out?




See the Pen f0f7825dc02b6f9e6547fd4d6839cd71 by dbj (@dbj) on CodePen

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Thanks Diaco, that will get me going!

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