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Bezier Plugin Question

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Hi, I was wanting to draw a car sliding down a curve. The car is already an svg image but I was thinking I need to render a "linear bezier path" with the GSAP Bezier plugin so that I can have precise control in how the car makes contact with the line thoighout the GSAP Bezier animation. My approach would be two have two parrallel paths, one in which the car traverses and another below that is drawn and makes contact with the car's tires throughout. This is crazy, but I have never just drawn a line with GSAP (HTML5 yes). How would I draw the actual linear path that the svg car's tires are contacting. I am more familiar with how to do this in HTML5, but would like to see GSAP's way of rendering a straight line and matching these coordinates up to the svg sprite motion.

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Cool Diaco. Thank you. I will try this out tomorrow.

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