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New ** Environment path for Adobe Air 19.x

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Hello dear members, 


PS: I don't know where is related forum - I want to give because they still are flash developers cause i want they don't have problem with Air Application and access for environment to air apps for example %windir% in air app will find to path "C:\Windows" If you want use with cmd or system-engine-used apps or shells for Greensock LoaderMax. But i don't know if you are okay than i want they are happy without problem with "C:\" or "C\Windows" or other detecting installed Windows Version. 


If our computer has installed with Windows on D:\ than it outs out to "D:\Windows" That is why I want give my ane file GetEnvPath()


I have built awesome ane file ( successor alternative from MDM Zinc Studio mdm.Application.getEnvVar(envPath:String):String - I know they are waiting for Adobe Air 19, 20, or latest. I have created dll file ( just it is serious, trusted and honest file.


If you want know to code an example:



like this:

private var _getEnvExt:GetENvPath;
protected function airAppCreatingCompleteHandler(evt:FlexEvent):void
_getEnvExt = new GetEnvPath();
winpathLabel.text = _getEnvExt.getEnv("windir");



n label.


You can download from my website and try your air app enjoy and you have happy coding.


Best regards 

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