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retrieving greensock timelines

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I am creating a pause/play button as part of a suite of debugging tools.

I want this to be versatile so that it works across any greensock animation.

What i need to do is retrieve the greensock timeline, (without relying on going in to each aniamtion and finding what the timeline variable has been named) so that when i click on my pause button, it will grab all greensock timelines and pause them.


I can see that the timeline returns: s {vars: Object, _totalDuration: 5, _duration: 5, _delay: 0, _timeScale: 1…}_

But can't see how to access this and pause it, 


could anyone help?


thank you, J.


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i have spent all day on this looking into what gets logged in the console.

This worked in about two minutes, and made life a lot lot simpler.


thanks very much :)



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