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Items animated along bezier curves slow down at the end of the curve

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When I'm animating along a bezier curve, the object being animated slows down towards the end of the curve - you can see this very clearly in the attached Codepen which draws a series of dot along the curve to visualize it.  The dots are more tightly clustered towards the end of the curve. 

Is there any way of changing this? I've tried changing the timeResolution but it doesn't fix this. 

See the Pen KdbqEp by looeee (@looeee) on CodePen

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Nice tool. I haven't had a lot of time to investigate it but to answer your question you just need to use a Linear ease on your tween like



let move = TweenMax.to(goose.elem, config.animSpeed, {
type: config.type,
timeResolution : config.timeResolution,
values:  bezier, 
ease: config.ease, 
autoRotate: config.autoRotate,
All tweens use a Power1.easeOut ease by default.
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Ah, I put the ease inside the bezier definition! Haha, I spent 30 minutes trying to fix this without noticing! 

Thanks, that fixed it. 

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