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Gary Griswold

Toggle Switch with Draggable and snap

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I have written a toggle switch using draggable with the snap property set to the dimensions of the slider.  For example: snap:[0,47] works just fine.  But because I am developing for mobile I cannot use hardcoded dimensions.  


So, I have tried setting the snap after Draggable.create as follows:


    var drag0 = draggable[0];

    drag0.snap = [drag0.minX, drag0.maxX];


But, this does not seem to work.  Is there a way to make this work?


P.S. This is my first code pen. 

See the Pen QjzLdQ by garygriswold (@garygriswold) on CodePen

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Hi Gary Griswold :)


pls try like this :


var drag0 = draggable[0];

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You're trying to use minX/maxX before they've even been defined (which happens when you press down...each time). Remember, those values could change based on the position of the bounding element, for example. So it's dynamically set on each press/touch. 


The best approach would probably be to define a liveSnap like this: 

liveSnap: function(v) {
    return (v - this.minX < (this.maxX - this.minX) / 2) ? this.minX : this.maxX;

Does that help?

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Both of these solutions work great, but I do like using the function better, and I was able to move code that I had inside the onDrag function into the snap function.  However, when I used the 'liveSnap' property as you show here, the toggle would snap instantly from one side to the other.  But, when I used the 'snap' property it does glide gracefully.


Thanks so much.

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Great. You've got options :) I thought the whole idea was that you wanted it to snap to one side or the other. But yeah, you should be able to get pretty much any effect you want with the current API :) 


Have fun!

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