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Pause nested Timeline

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I'm trying to pause nested timeline:

prezStartTimeline.call (buttonsHomeOff)
		 .to ([_rootRef.overlay, _rootRef.bottomPlate], 0.5, {autoAlpha:1, ease:Linear.easeNone, onComplete:function():void {backdropLoader.pauseVideo(); _rootRef.backdrop.visible = false;}})
		 .staggerFromTo ([_rootRef.buttonHome, _rootRef.buttonBack, _rootRef.buttonForward], 0.5, {y:"+=20"}, {y:"-=20", autoAlpha:1, ease:Cubic.easeOut, onComplete:buttonsPrezOn}, 0.1)
		 .add (RAOTimeline);

RAOTimeline.addLabel ("slide_01")
	   .staggerFrom ([_rootRef.prezRAO.item_01, _rootRef.prezRAO.item_02, _rootRef.prezRAO.item_03], 0.5, {y:"+=20", alpha:0, ease:Cubic.easeOut, onComplete:buttonsPrezOn}, 0.1)
	   .addLabel ("slide_02")
	   .addPause ("slide_02")
	   .to ([_rootRef.prezRAO.item_01, _rootRef.prezRAO.item_02, _rootRef.prezRAO.item_03], 0.5, {alpha:0, ease:Linear.easeNone})
	   .to (_rootRef.logoSmall, 0.5, {y:"-=20", autoAlpha:1, ease:Cubic.easeOut})
	   .staggerFrom ([_rootRef.prezRAO.item_04, _rootRef.prezRAO.item_05, _rootRef.prezRAO.item_06, _rootRef.prezRAO.item_07, _rootRef.prezRAO.item_08], 0.5, {y:"+=20", alpha:0, ease:Cubic.easeOut, onComplete:buttonsPrezOn}, 0.1, "-=0.4")

But when I again play child timeline after the pause (.play()), the playhead is already at the end of the child timeline (all objects are already animated to the end values). Looks like the values calculations don't stop at the pause position. Is it a bug or did I miss anything?

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It sounds like you don't have smoothChildTiming enabled on your parent timeline. By default (and this is very intentional), child tweens/timelines inside of a TimelineLite/Max will maintain their position on their parent timeline, ensuring that everything is locked into place and doesn't shift around. In your case, you WANT its position to move, thus you need to either manually change its startTime() yourself or (probably easier), just set smoothChildTiming to true on the parent. Simple example:

var master = new TimelineLite({smoothChildTiming:true});
var child = new TimelineLite();

Now if you pause/resume child, its timing will be adjusted so that its local playhead lines up with the parent timeline's playhead. 

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