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Calling TimelineLite on hover via function

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Hey all!


I'm trying to animate some pagination elements we have on a company site redesign and am running into some scoping issues (I think). I will start by saying my JS-fu is not great so it's highly possible this isn't so much a GSAP problem as it is a jQuery problem.


You can see the core HTML / SCSS here - 


And the JS I'm attempting here:

  // Pagination
  // Get pagination items
  function pagerAnimate(play) {
    console.log("pagerAnimate Activated");
    var $this = $(this);

    var pagerIcon = $this.find('.pagination__icon');
    var pagerArrow = $this.find('.pagination__icon__arrow');
    var pagerFill = $this.find('.pagination__icon__fill');
    var pagerInfo = $this.find('.pagination__info');

    var pagerTimelineCore = new TimelineLite();
    pagerTimelineCore.to(pagerIcon, '.3', {scaleY: '2'})
                     .to(pagerArrow, '.3', {scaleY: '.5'}, '-=.3')
                     .to(pagerFill, '.3', {x: '0'});

    if (play === 'play') {
      console.log("pagerTimeline Play");
    } else if (play === 'reverse') {
      console.log("pagerTimeline Reverse");

  $('.pagination--previous').hover(function () {
  }, function () {

  $('.pagination--next').hover(function () {
  }, function () {

Basically what I'm trying to achieve is to run the Timeline (forward or backwards) based on hover. The tricky part was getting the $(this) declarations per pagination (previous and next) and playing it forward on mouseIn and reversing on mouseOut.


The console.log's in there are firing properly, but nothing is animating and I'm getting no errors. Any help would be awesome as GSAP is saving my butt on some of the designer requested animations on our site :)




PS - Apologies if this has been asked, but my Google-fu and searching here led me nowhere.

See the Pen avRbzw by geebru (@geebru) on CodePen

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Both of your examples work great!


I do have to kind of apologize as I left out the "Next" pagination from my pen, which is half of the complexity of the JS I wrote as without it it opens both paginations at once.


I implemented OSUBlake's JS into my Pen and it seems to work pretty much flawlessly, I just need to get the scope working.


For my education sake, was the issue that it was trying to call the timeline too many times or was it not actually calling it at all?

I believe I understand everything that's happening but not why mine wasn't working.


Thanks for your help, fellas!

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Not a scoping issue. More like an execution issue. The way you had it setup, it was creating a new timeline every time you hovered on and off the element. What Dipscom did, is essentially the same thing I did, created one timeline.


Try this...

See the Pen bVmVRG?editors=001 by osublake (@osublake) on CodePen

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Brilliant! Thanks so much for the walkthrough!

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