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donkey kong

loading a swf on a delay using tweenlite

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hi all


would some one beable to help me with this little problem, I am trying to load in swf movies on a time delay, first I have been trying to do using AS3, with various ways, but no joy, I am also being told that I can use TweenLite.delayedCall(numberOfSeconds, loadMovie);


but I am unsure how to do this, I have down loaded a menu from soulwire and developing it and am a newbie to as3 and tweenlite so need things broken down step by step.


would anyone beable to help me make a start as to how I can delay an swf movie from loading in after a click event action has been completed using tweenlite??


this is my menu, you will see that you click or use mouse scroll to navigate(mouse sroll not working with loading the swf movies yet)and at moment when you click an swf movie loads in. I would like to delay the swf movies from loading for about 3 seconds until the click event action is complete...aaarrgghhhh!!! am I making any sense


menu: http://art.clubworldgroup.com/rotation/


and also the script here



would anyone be able to help me with this as I am very confused as to how to implement using tween :?



this is what I have on my OnClick



private function onMenuItemClick( event:MouseEvent ):void

		circleMenu.scrollToItem( event.currentTarget as DisplayObject );
		event.target.load(new URLRequest(images[event.target.name].@swf)); // new
		lastMoviePlaying = event.target; 
		lastMoveIndex = event.target.name; 
		TweenLite.delayedCall(0.5, loadMovie); <<


		private function loadMovie():void    <<<
		{ trace(); 

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when I use the code I get an error that says


1120: Access of undefined property TweenLite.



i think its something to do with this bit, as I am not really sure if this is correct


private function loadMovie():void 
{ trace(); 

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You need to make sure that the TweenLite code is downloaded and sitting in the same directory as your FLA file when you publish it. And don't forget to import the class. See the intro at

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