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Getting the right rotation values after pause() or kill()

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Although I only animate rotationY the rotationX value I am getting back from getTransform (CSSPlugin) is jumping from 0deg to 180deg and back. Why is this happening? Is there no way to get the right deg values from matrix3d?


Also is there a way to animate rotationY/X using TweenMax without matrix3d?

See the Pen QjVjbj by anon (@anon) on CodePen

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The reason you are seeing matrix3d() is due to using rotationX or/and rotationY which becomes part of the matrix3d() even if force3D is false. If you were to use just rotation it would just use matrix. GreenSock's Jack could explain more on the inner workings of this behavior.

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Please use Diaco's suggestion. CSSPlugin._internals.getTransform(cardE.get(0)); isn't intended for public use or support. 


All 3D transforms use matrix3d() for performance benefits.

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nice! thanks for the quick response guys :)

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