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Shout out to the moderators

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I saw the tweet today from Greensock recognizing Diaco, Blake and Jonathan for their outstanding answers in the forum which was coincidental timing as I was just thinking what an education it is to read answers from these guys. 


I don't know what you three do for a living, but I'm not sure how you get any sleep with work and answering all the questions.  :shock:


I, for one, thank you very much for the time you spend educating us mere mortals. :D


Of course, Jack and Carl are the superheros that bring us the tools and the forum where the mods strut their stuff - so thank you two for that as well! The forum is so extensive, I rarely have to even post a question as it's already been asked and answered so a quick search is all it takes. It's some of the best education around.


My thanks to all of you!

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Hi PointC,


Thanks for taking the time for the thoughtful post. I couldn't agree more about how helpful and valuable those guys are. I am amazed on a daily basis by how far they go above and beyond to offer assistance and most importantly in such a nice way. I've learned so much from them its ridiculous. 


If you stick around long enough you may be fortunate enough to see our friend Rodrigo (rhernando) in action, a true legend who paved the way for many.  He has many priorities outside of GreenSock world, but he's known to pop in and rescue animators in distress when he's needed most.


Thanks again!


Carl and the rest of Team GreenSock

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I wish I could do GSAP stuff all day. But answering questions helps me out too. I think the best way to learn something is to teach it, so I'm learning at the same time.
And Rodrigo is awesome! He's the forum ninja. He appears out of nowhere, hits you with the best, most detailed answer ever, and then vanishes without a trace. No one knows when he will strike again.

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Thank you PointC for the Shout Out!


It is a pleasure to help everyone in the forums with various tips, techniques, and tricks. In these forums you will always learn something new from others, and how they approach a problem differently. Great answers and Great people :D


Rodrigo is missed and it is always a great pleasure to learn from his knowledge and wisdom! Truly he is a forum ninja training others in the Art of GSAP!



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You guys!!!!!  :oops:  :oops:  :oops:


Thanks for the kind words to my fellow moderators and Carl.


Now I'm off again  :ph34r:  :ph34r:  :ph34r:

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