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Loading from sub directories that reference relative paths

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Hey guys,


Not sure if LoaderMax can handle this or not but here is my situation.


My main SWF is in the root directory. (Main.swf)


I am loading SWFs from root/resources/assets (Loaded.swf)


The SWFs that are being loaded are trying to load assets from a relative /resources folder (root/resources/assets/resources)


My problem is that when I load the SWFs into the main SWF in the root folder, it now looks at root/resources for those other assets, not root/resources/assets/resources.


My ideal solution would be to not have to edit the SWFs that I am loading in as a third party is producing them.


Is there anyway to somehow give the SWF context to its root directory when I load it in so it works?


EDIT: The experience is running in the standalone player, not the web


Found a solution, but it requires me to make edits to the SWFs that are being loaded in:

public static function getFullPath($loaderInfo:LoaderInfo):String 
    var myAbsolutePath:String; 
    var myRelativePath:String; 
    myAbsolutePath:String = $loaderInfo.url; 
    var stringStart:Number = 0; 
    var stringEnd:Number = myAbsolutePath.lastIndexOf("/")+1; 
    myRelativePath = myAbsolutePath.slice(stringStart, stringEnd); 
    return myRelativePath; 



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I've lived through this nightmare many times, years ago. Unfortunately, I don't remember any specifics about what I used other than possibly writing the code in the child swfs to detect whether or not they were loaded into a parent, and if so, adjust the urls accordingly. This helped when I wanted to test the child swfs on their own (without relying on them being in a container or parent). 


It seems like your solution is good to go. I'm very doubtful there is a solution that doesn't involve rewriting a little code in the child swfs. 

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