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Draggable: Cancel Drag?

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I have some code that checks conditions in the onDragStart handler. I'd like to be able to cancel the drag if a set of conditions are not met. I had assumed that returning false from handler would do it, but was wrong. Is there any clean way to cancel a drag in this case?


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I actually moved the check to onPress and just basically just disable then re-enable the Draggable if the check fails.

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Yep, Diaco is right, but technically you are supposed to pass in the event. Here's an excerpt from the docs:


You may force the Draggable to immediately stop interactively dragging by calling endDrag() and passing it the original mouse or touch event that initiated the stop - this is necessary because Draggable must inspect that event for various information like pageX, pageY, target, etc. You cannot callendDrag() without passing that original event.



So it should be as simple as:

  onPress:function(e){ if(!X){ this.endDrag(e) } }
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The issue with calling endDrag() is that it triggers the onDragEnd handler, which does other processing I want to avoid in this case.


I suppose I could add something to the event object to let the handler know that I ended it due to my checks (as opposed to it being ended by the user letting up on the mouse button).



That's what I ended up doing. There are a couple situations that just adding some info to the event object being propagated helped me solve.

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