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Draggable HitTest Get ID of Hit Area

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Hi everyone,


I know i can go about this a different way and make it work but i was still wondering what the answer would be to this questions i have.


I'm trying to get the id of the element in the hit test that the target is going over.




 if (this.hitTest("#circle1", "50%")) {        }
How would i access and get the value of #circle1 inside the hittest if statement?
this.target is the object being dragged, but i want to know what i could use to get the "circle1" value?
I'm trying to get html info from that circle1.
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Hi TopGUN121  :)


pls try like this :


var Targets = document.querySelectorAll('.Targets');

    for(var i=Targets.length; i--{
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This worked perfectly for my needs!  thank you!

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