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Implementing GSAP banners.....how to?

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Hi all,


This is a basic question that I've yet to find answered... how do site administrator's implement GSAP banners?


I've prepared a test banner file set, based on the example banners on Greensock's site, and the administrator is unsure how to use it.


What are the best practices for serving GSAP banners?



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Would it be via an ad serving platform or will the site serve the banners themselves?


Via the ad serving platform, you will be given a tag to add to the ad's location, nothing more.


If the site is serving the ad themselves, there's numerous ways. From simply placing the code directly into the page to building your own ad serving platform.


Generally, the way a ad is placed on a page is via iFrames. The nits and bolts of it depends on how the site decides to handle the serving.

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Thanks Dipscom.


When you say the ad platform may supply a tag to add to the banner's location - can you expand on that? What does that actually mean - they are linking to the ad which I may be hosting via an iFrame (or similar)?


More detail would be appreciated.



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Some vendor such as Google's Doubleclick Campaign Manager would receive a zip file from you, and it is uploaded to the DCM dashboard. DCM auto creates a tag that a publisher can use, usually delivered as a *.txt file or as an *.xls file with the tag(s) broken out by flavor. ( iframes, javascript)


A publisher might be using Doubleclick for Publishers, and that tag will be uploaded and will serve the ad and determine placement and impressions, and report pacing and metrics.


I would suspect that the other option is fairly rare, not using a tag that has been generated by an ad vendor. It can certainly be done. I used to create "tags" that were absolutely pathed to assets on a server, and used macros for reporting. Those "tags" were simply a text file supplied to  Doubleclick for Publishers.


If it is site servved with no vendor you can use Google Analytics to track clicks.

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Thanks somnambist.


Let me be more specific regarding my question.


Say my banner is prepped, ready to go onto the promoter's website. Click-tag in place, etc.


That web administrator is unsure what to to with the file set as he's used to dropping in a swf, gif, jpg, etc. That's where I'm seeking help.


How does the site administrator take the finished assets and serve the ad?


Make sense?

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Well, if that's the case. Assuming you have a clicktag with a working url, you won't be able to drop just a file into a DIV and magic happens.


You will have to either work with the administrator of this site to have an iframe call your files. Or you will have to get him to put the links to GSAP on the header of the page the ad will be served. Your CSS and JS can all be inline inside the DIV where the placement is meant to go.


But, honestly, that sounds like a very bad way to do it.


It will never be as simple as dropping a single file (swf, gif, jpg). You will have to negotiate and coordinate with the site admin how to handle it.

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Post Flash the single file is the zip file. That he said single file, rather than SWF and the object code Flash generates as an HTML file, makes me think he is talking ad software. Send him a zip, and tell him to try uploading it, the same way he used to upload a SWF.

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