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Google DoubleClick and AdWords host GSAP on their CDN

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Thanks for the help - I already had a ready function:

$(document).ready(function () { 


But I tried the

document.addEventListener("DOMContentLoaded", function(event) { 
//Now run your animation.

and got the same error message.

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@tedbell, can you provide a link so we can see the problem in context? It sounds like your page isn't actually loading TweenMax. Tough to troubleshoot blind, though. 

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Hi Ted,


Thanks for the demo.

I don't see any errors and the animation appears to be playing fine.

I guess you fixed it?

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Carl - thanks! I didn't fix it, but when you said it works for you - bingo! My Adblocker was preventing the GSAP lib from loading! Thanks for all the help - what an idiot I am - probably shouldn't be allowed to use any Greensock libraries after this embarrassment. I have to learn to turn off my Adblocker when I am creating ads!  :0

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Don't worry, its normal. 


You'd be surprised the amount of times myself and my colleagues have run into that very schoolboy error.

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Has anyone noticed in the Google approved CDN for Adwords and DoubleClick they added CreateJS!!??.  https://support.google.com/richmedia/answer/6307288?hl=en


What that means you can use (as the tutorials here show) that you can use Flash or Adobe Animate 2015 Again to make Adwords banners, yes!

I have successfully managed to get Adobe Animate, with CreateJS and TweenMax to make Adwords banners en then successfully uploading them using the external libraries form the CDN. This means my js file needed for the banner is only in total when minified en compressed only 8KB!!!! that gives me a headroom of 150KB - 8KB for images. Which now in Animate CC i don't use as often because it is only needed for true bitmaps, typefaces, text and vectors like logo's are converted to canvas.


Ofcourse you work in Adobe Animatie in Canvas HTML, but you can mix plain HTML by setting a div on top of the canvas generated by Animate CC 2015 and then move from there. Animate converts all vector library elements to canvas elements. So when you import a logo from illustrator its not converted to an image. When you use fonts you can easily edit them when the client wants changes.


Yes another new way of making ads for Google Adwords, thanks again GreenSock!!

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That is almost one year old


LOL coding by hand is easier, i get now a canvas file that is 120KB in size ;-)

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Thanks for letting us know! Great news.

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That's pretty odd indeed. I'd recommend reaching out to the DoubleClick team. Unfortunately, we don't have any control over what they put on their CDNs. :(

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We sent a request today to the Google folks, @HHCC IT Department, so hopefully they'll put 2.1.2 up there soon. We'll post here if/when we hear back. It certainly wouldn't hurt for you (and others) to submit your requests directly to Google as well so that they can gauge user demand. 

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On 3/7/2019 at 10:05 AM, HHCC IT Department said:

Any ETA on when GreenSock 2.1.0 will be available on Google's CDN?


Google has the new 2.1.2 files in place and I updated the original post at the top of this thread too. Here are the URLs: 



Thanks to the Google folks for jumping on this.


Happy tweening!

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