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Loop part of timeline

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I am trying to play a timeline once and then loop the last part of it. 


I have tried using  tweenFromTo, but not sure if this is the right approach as the delay does not work and it's hard to work out start and end as it based on seconds: 

 myTl.tweenFromTo(blinkStart,blinkEnd, {delay:blinkGap,onComplete: blinking});

See the Pen YyeeBw by eighthday (@eighthday) on CodePen

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thanks! yes it is hard to work out the times, really I want to be able to say - go to step4 of the steppedEase tween 

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If you know what frame it starts on you could just calculate it even if you don't know the width.


100% / 15 frames = 6.667% per frame


You could use that figure to set the background on a new tween that is set to repeat, or you could set the progress of the timeline. 

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