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TweenMax vs TweenLite

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I tried use TweenLite in this pen:

and nothing happens!


I would like to use TweenLite, but I don't know which feature is missing for it works!!


TweenMax is very heavy for it!


This is my current code! It is using TweenMax and it's working.

TweenMax.fromTo(circle, duration, {
scale: 0,
opacity: 1,
transformOrigin: '50% 50%'
}, {
scale: 10,
opacity: 0

See the Pen QjQbwp?editors=001 by lagden (@lagden) on CodePen

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Also remember that if you're trying to animate CSS-related properties of DOM elements, you need to load CSSPlugin along with TweenLite. The reason it works when you use TweenMax is because TweenMax actually has CSSPlugin inside of it. Literally. :)

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Pen is updated!! TweenLite + CSSPlugin! Yeahh!! :)


@OSUblake: It's not necessery if you are using the latest version of Chrome or FireFox


Thanks everyone!!

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