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Images shake during minor scale and movement

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Can anyone give me any tips to reduce jittery animation when scaling or tweening short distances with Tweenlite? I've tried force3d:true, and z:00000.1 to try to force hardware acceleration, but didnt seem to work.


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Do you have a reduced test case we can see? And what browser are you looking at? It'd be super useful to see a codepen demo so that we can see what you're seeing and poke around a bit. Something sounds a bit fishy but it's tough to say without seeing it. 

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Oh, that's because you're animating top/left which browsers only allow on whole pixel values. The pixel snapping is what's causing the jerky animation. That's not a GSAP issue. It would be much smoother if you animated x/y instead of top/left because x/y are transforms which use sub-pixel rendering. 

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Looks like that did the trick! Thanks very much!

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I have a similar issue of jittery images Firefox only (Chrome and IE seem to be fine), when scaling images: http://holiday.cmog.org


I've added hardware acceleration to the body with translate3d. I saw the comment about adding 0.01 deg rotation --I can't add that in a tween, as it overwrites other transforms I'm using to center the images (translate X and Y), but I've added it the style of the images. But those don't seem to be doing the trick.


Any suggestions?

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