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Sorting animation, and height on making visible...

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I've got a list of items. Filters are clickable that hide all but the items in that category with a sequence that fade opacity and height to 0. When showing all, items currently at opacity and height 0, fade in correctly, but height "pops" in immediately.


Am I missing something obvious here? Also, is there a more appropriate place to post than here? SO perhaps?

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I've found the set() height to auto and tween from. Trying that now...

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TL;DR: when implementing hide and show animation use-cases involving height going to 0: you'll need to switch to from() tweens on the show condition, which means you'll need to perform a set() of the properties you're "from'ing" right before you from() them. 


In my case, I was going to height:0, opacity:0, so on "show" I needed to set() opacity:1, height:1, and then from() height:0, opacity:0


While this may seem strange, it's less complicated than calc'ing heights of each items and animating to that specific value.

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