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Flash CC HTML5 canvas' elements are not reseting GSAP properties while replay

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I'm creating a HTML5 project using Flash CC HTML5 canvas.


What I do is adding animation code to each frame. After all frames passed the banner loops and I want it to have exact animation as at the first playing. But all instances are loosing their original position and properties. I need all the stage elements to reset just as it is at regular flash projects.


P.S. Previously I worked with greensock AS2 at Flash CS 6 - everything worked perfect.


Best regards, Vital

banner_test (3).zip

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Thanks for support, guys! Really appreciate it!  :mrgreen:

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Sorry, this seemed like a duplicate of your other post (or atleast very similar)




Also, marking your posts as "answered" means we don't need to look at them ;)


I looked at your zip, but without an fla I really don't know what's going on.

This seems like it has more to do with how CreateJS works than what TweenLite is doing. 


I'm pretty sure that's the way CreateJS works.

Remove your TweenLite / GSAP code and just do something really simple like


on frame1 place a clip called mc at x = 0;


on frame2 add code that says:

this.mc.x = 300


on frame10 add code that loops back to frame 0:



when it loops back to frame 0 mc will still be at x:300

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