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Problem with onComplete option - can't move to next frame

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I'm creating a banner using Flash CC HTML5 canvas.

What I do is adding animation code to each frame. After it completes I want the next frame to be played.


I included two libs into the HTML file:

  • EasePack.min.js
  • TweenLite.min.js


So at the current frame I am writing the following code (source file: test7.zip ):


TweenLite.to(this.target, 1.35, {delay: 0.1, y: 180, ease:Elastic.easeInOut, onComplete: pplay } );

function pplay(){    


The frame is animated but it stops at the end instead of going to next frame. At this time the alert works, but I can not skip it - it's like a loop function.


How can I get to the next frame?



P.S. Previously I worked with greensock AS2 at Flash CS 6 - everything worked perfect.


Best regards, Vital

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Are the typos in play intentional?

It's just a finction's name. I wrote pplay not to conflict with regular play function.

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The solution is in modifying onComplete: like this

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