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Nested Timelines from Function Returns

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Been trying to get this to work for a little while now, a bit stuck.



See the Pen jbMWxy by Dev-KP (@Dev-KP) on CodePen


Basically the individual animations work:

.add(aninIn(copy1, 20))
//.add(aninOut(copy1, 20))
When one of them is commented out the other will work perfectly, but having them both there seems to make them merge. 
I'm guessing it's something to do with the .set in the returned tiimelines?
If I am not mistaken the nested timelines should play one after another?
Or is this something for immediateRender?
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Yup I did have a look at that post. The work around seems workable but a bit odd. If I build a normal timeline, with a bunch of add() and set() with out using nested timeline the set() seems to work correctly. But nested timelines run immediately, wonder if a call() function would cause the same issue?


Guess will be using the 0.01 duration fix for the time be. 





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