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My ByteArray isn't retaining filters

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I have an RTMP stream that I need to take a screenshot of. I got a security error using bitmapData.draw() since it was coming from AWS S3 so I found a workaround that allows me to take a screenshot of the video:
var bitmap = new Bitmap(); 
var graphicsData : Vector.<IGraphicsData>;
graphicsData = container.graphics.readGraphicsData(); //-- container is a sprite that holds my video element 
bitmap.bitmapData = GraphicsBitmapFill(graphicsData[0]).bitmapData;
var image:ByteArray = new JPGEncoder(85).encode(bitmap.bitmapData);

At this point, I send the ByteArray to PHP, create a JPG out of the ByteArray and save it to the server. That all works great.

The issue is I apply filters real-time to the container sprite which alters the look of the video like brightness, contrast, saturation etc, but when saving to the server, the saved image doesn't contain the filters I had applied.
I tried reapplying the filters to bitmap, graphicsData and bitmap.bitmapData before sending it to the server, but nothing has worked yet.
How can I either retain the filters applied or re-apply the filters to the above code?
Here is how I initially apply the filters:
private function applyEffects(effects:Array):void
  currentEffects = effects;
  var props:Object = {};
  for (var i:String in effects)
    props[effects[i].effect] = effects[i].amount;

props object could look something like: {contrast:0.5,saturation:1}

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Sorry, I really don't know. Haven't touched AS3 bitmaps or filter code in quite awhile.

These forums are very focused on the GreenSock API and I think you will get much better help on a general AS3 forum or Stack Overflow. 

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Sorry, I'm in the same boat as Carl. We really try to stay focused on GreenSock-specific questions here. One random thought - maybe try wrapping your Sprite in another Sprite and capture that one instead. 

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Thanks for the suggestion Jack. I tried doing what you said, but it still did not work. I thought more about your suggestion and came up with a working solution!


var graphicsData:Vector.<IGraphicsData>;
graphicsData  = container.graphics.readGraphicsData(); 
var origBitmap:Bitmap = new Bitmap(); 
origBitmap.bitmapData = GraphicsBitmapFill(graphicsData[0]).bitmapData;

//-- at this point I have a screenshot of the video

var props:Object = {};
for (var i:String in currentEffects)
  props[currentEffects[i].effect] = currentEffects[i].amount;

//-- at this point I've reapplied the effects.
//-- originally, sending bitmap.bitmapData to the encoder didn't retain the filters so I went 1 step further

//-- create a new bitmapData and draw the reapplied filter'd bitmap
var filteredBitmapData:BitmapData = new BitmapData(640,360);
var filteredBitmap:Bitmap = new Bitmap(filteredBitmapData);

//-- encode the new bitmap data
var image:ByteArray = new JPGEncoder(85).encode(filteredBitmapData); //-- filteredBitmapData is now filtered and I can send this to the server
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Great! Thanks for sharing.

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