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simple throwprops without blitmask

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Hi there,


I'm making an installation piece which has a stagesize of 7770x1080 (basically 4 HD touchscreen monitors in a row with 30 px space between each ). I've been looking for a supersimple throwprops example that would just let me drag a movieclip along the x-axis for this, but I can't find one apart from the one on the site, and that one uses blitmask. I'm guessing a blitmask would be counterproductive covering such a stage-size. Is there an example somewhere that you know of that would just permit me to see the syntax for as3 throwprops the way it's featured in the js version of it? I just need to be able to throw a movieclip around the stage to understand it, I think.


Basically I would be out of trouble if I understood draggable and throwprops in as3, and I'm pretty lost just using the docs.


any help would be appreciated! cheers


edit: Oh wow, a mind boggling blitmask of that size isn't such a cpu eater afterall. This is amazing stuff you've built here. I used your example and threw something together I can use. You gentlemen came up with some rather jaw-dropping stuff here.


All Hail the Green Sock !

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I just saw that you edited your question with a solution.


I was going to recommend the example in our docs: http://greensock.com/asdocs/ but it seems you did better than that ;)


We initially created Draggable because HTML / JavaScript did not have native startDrag() / stopDrag() functionality like AS3 and we needed something to make ThrowProps easier to use. Its pretty crazy how many features Draggable now has built in to solve realworld JS problems.


Unfortunately this was around the time that interest in our AS3 products was taking a serious hit, we just couldn't justify the investment in creating an AS3 Draggable. 


Hopefully the boilerplate code we provide in the docs is enough to get you going. 


Really happy to hear how happy you are with the performance!

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