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Last event in timeline not firing off?

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Hi, this last event in my timeline is not firing off. I just want this second square which is blue to go from opacity 0 to 1 at 10 seconds in the timeline. So, I used the tl.from event and made it coming from opacity 0, right? Where am I going wrong?

See the Pen XmKVGx by jstafford (@jstafford) on CodePen

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Hi jstafford  :)


pls fix these issues in your pen :


- in your css , pls fix by adding a semicolon at the end : 

background: #0000FF ; 

- in js , your tween should be like this : 

 .from($("#square2"),1.5,{autoAlpha:0}, 10);
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: / ; yes, I want it to fade in so it comes "from" 0. I think I changed that to 1 in frustration. Apologies on the semicolon. I think this was my actual problem. Thanks again Diaco.

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