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Trouble Positioning Nested Timelines on Parent Timeline

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Hello everyone,


I'm having a bit of trouble adding a series of nested timelines to a parent timeline for multiple iterations of a for loop. 


In short: For each iteration, I'm trying to add 3 nested timelines to a parent timeline -- and have nested TLs #2 and #3 play 0.5 seconds after nested TL #1. 


The code is part of a much larger scene, so I think it might be the most helpful to give the general structure ...


     parentTL = new TimelineMax(), 

for (let i of sequences) {
     childTL1 = createChildTL1();
     childTL2 = createChildTL2();
     childTL3 = createChildTL3();       

     uniqueLabel = createUniqueLabel();

     parentTL.add(childTL1, uniqueLabel);
     parentTL.add([childTL2, childTL3], uniqueLabel + '+=' + '0.5');


For some reason that I can't figure out,  the parent timeline only plays the child timelines from the first iteration of the loop -- and then it stops.


If, instead, I write this within the for loop...


parentTL.add([childTL1, childTL2, childTL3]);

... all child timelines will execute, for every iteration -- but of course, they'll do so all at once on every iteration, and I can't achieve the proper offsetting that I was originally going for.


I could certainly post my fuller source code if it helps, but I'm thinking that with this pattern alone, I'm overlooking something simple with regards to the Art of Positioning... something that's causing the follow-up timelines to be lost after that first iteration. 

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Provide an CodePen because that will work. You're creating the same animation in a loop, which means after the first animation is is done, all of the repeated animations will be at their end state. Try using fromTo tweens.

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Great demo, Blake. And yes if createTL1(), createTL2(), and createTL3() each create timelines on the same target each time, then you are absolutely right about them all being in their "end state" by the time they play.


My guess was that uniqueLabel() may not have been generating a unique label.


Bsipple, the problem with supplying partial code is that we have to guess what functions like createTL1() and uniqueLabel() do and wonder if they are working right.

If you need more help, please edit Blake's demo so we can see exactly what you are doing.



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