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Update child tween start time

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Wondering if it's possible to add children to a nested timeline and have them affect previously added children.


Please see the codepen sample for a better explanation:



See the Pen BoKopg by brancusi (@brancusi) on CodePen

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Thanks for the demo

The short answer is no, the engine does not account for automatically moving children around when you add new child elements (tweens, timelines).


You can change the startTime() of titleTween:





Normally I would suggest using shiftChildren()



But the problem with your demo is that you have an empty nested timeline added at the same time as your first tween


If you call shiftChildren(5) on tl1, both tl2 and titleTween will move. 
You might want to try a more dynamic approach where you create a function that re-builds your timeline when you add more things. 
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Thanks Carl, really appreciate all the feedback.

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